Innovation: Building a new approach combining the proven with the creative.

Innovative Psychotherapy is a private psychotherapy, coaching and counseling practice for individuals, couples, families and organizations who want stronger personal or professional growth and an enhanced life experience.

Why Innovative?
Innovative Psychotherapy's services are grounded in traditional therapeutic principals and practiced in combination with new and creative life approaches that explore and challenge methods and beliefs which in the past have lead to debilitating emotions and behavior.

Typically, resistance to healing and growth is based in past emotional, intellectual and behavioral experience. Altering meaning, belief and point of view are the essentials of authentic and lasting change. Our approach combines and focuses upon the individual experience while simultaneously developing and integrating creative and dynamic components one might not normally experience. This approach opens the opportunity for healing and life innovation, thus setting the stage for dramatic and enduring change.

As our clients explore various aspects of life that stifle their personal growth, an illumination of the shortcoming of their current meaning and belief systems takes place. From that point, the therapeutic experience becomes a creation of personally meaningful and profound awareness's. The result is a shift in experience from the painful and restricted into the dynamic and creative. Individuals and families become healthier, happier choice-makers; they have an optimistic outlook upon themselves, their families and their future possibilities.

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