My career as a Mental Health professional spans twenty-six years. I have designed and implemented inpatient and outpatient programs for adults, adolescents and families who struggle with emotional and relational problems stemming from trauma, debilitating illness, chemical dependency and addiction, and abuse, neglect and abandonment.


My career history includes

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist - Private Practice specializing with individuals and their families who have experienced serious illness and abuse. Complete healing requires reaching a place of peace with oneself and with one's life. This is not an easy task; many barriers make for a daunting journey. With psychotherapeutic support, the nature of illness and healing comes to light. At that moment, the healing process is initiated. Much of life's pain and hurt are experienced in the context of relationship and family systems. Resolution of old and painful wounds results in a much richer experience in which old patterns and approaches are broken, and creative, innovative living begins.

Healthcare Accreditation Consultant - Often the Joint Commission accreditation process is seen and experienced as either an annoying distraction or a frightening and possibly humiliating event. Accreditation can be an opportunity for growth, enhanced relationships with fellow workers and meaningful change within the organization. Creating a work environment that is experienced as uplifting, challenging and meaningful can occur within the accreditation process. The result is a group or system of individuals who are at work to experience and accomplish a larger, richer experience for themselves and their clients.

Director of Performance Improvement and Quality Management - Continual improvement is vital if a healthcare service provider intends to maintain the quality of service that was envisioned in the organizations' original Mission and Vision. Creating systems that monitor progress and growth of the staff and organization is key to continual service improvement. Such systems must provide both a supportive experience and hard data indicating successes, weaknesses, and areas needing general improvement if they are to achieve the organization's goal and intent.

Administrator, Focus on Recovery - Focus on Recovery specialized in the treatment of adult's who suffered from psychiatric disorders with co-morbid chemical addictions/dependency issues. The Administrator's task is to bring psychiatric, nursing, psychotherapy, and chemical dependency counseling components together forming a focused yet versatile treatment experience. Many patients experienced homelessness, all manner of abuse - sexual, verbal, neglect, physical, incest, emotional and spiritual, long-term damage resulting from chemical use each of which requires an individual treatment experience. Focus on Recovery utilized 128 inpatient beds at two facilities, partial hospitalization, out patient therapy, and aftercare/alumni activities.


Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Science, National University, Palm Springs, California 1991.

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, National University, Irvine, California 1994.

Certificate: Spirituality and Healing, Harvard Medical School 1997.

Certificate: Experiential Therapy, On-Site Training and Consulting 1998.

Certificate: Health Services Administrator, California Department of Social Services 2001


Spirituality and Care of the Heart - The Esalen Institute, 1998

Healthcare Practice Management - The Esalen Institute, 2000

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